CEO’s Blog May 2019

As I write this blog we are at a very exciting time regarding the development of Kingfisher Learning Trust, as we begin to see the plans of the last two year coming to the fore with our growth strategy beginning to take shape. With our strong leadership and strategic planning, we will ensure that we can be strong when implementing our plans, underpinned by our values and clear intent.

We are delighted that Medlock Valley Primary School will be joining the Trust in September 2019 and hope this is the beginning of our growth with Mainstream Primary Schools. Our hope is that in our third year as a Trust, we can look to how we begin to grow Kingfisher Learning Trust based on the firm foundations of values and Governance that we have established over the last two years.

We intend to move forward with our invitational leadership style and compelling narrative to like-minded schools and LAs in encouraging others to join us, ensuring ownership and connection with Kingfisher Learning Trust.

Our new free school, Halcyon Way, is now moving forward with the access to the land at the rear of Kingfisher Special School being secured; the planned opening date is September 2021.

Our aim is that everyone associated with Kingfisher Learning Trust will have collective accountability for the outcomes of all children across the Trust and ask: “How goes it with our children?”

I look forward to sharing our journey with you.

All the best,

Anne Redmond