What We Stand For

Kingfisher is a values-led Trust, where innovative approaches help support children in getting ready for and engaging in learning. The organisation is continually developed with a clarity of expectation for high aspirations and an understanding of why we do what we do (underpinning rationales). Kingfisher’s vision is for ‘Endless Possibilities’; nothing but the best will do. In practice, Kingfisher Trust wishes to work with a range of schools as they join the Trust to develop values, ethos and vision towards a high aspirational quality for all learners, ensuring the building blocks of good practice are in place. Strong, skilled and diverse leadership with a clarity of purpose and direction are key.

Kingfisher Learning Trust retains an outward looking culture which enables Trust schools to engage with education systems beyond the Trust. Children benefit from staff unceasingly developing their skills and expertise through reflective practice and coaching and a continually improving ethos – always asking why and how they can improve.

Trust Intent Values and Vision