Excellent Education for All

The Trust’s School Improvement Strategy ensures Educational Excellence within each school.  A systematic programme of school to school support supports each school’s needs, recognising best practice from across the Trust to inform improvement more widely. Schools will know what outstanding practice looks like, underpinned by a pedagogical model.

The Improvement Model is underpinned by original thinking – looking through a reflective lens to review practice, developing rationales that reinforce creative and innovative working; strategically supported by clearly structured and understood organisational arrangements with shared models of scrutiny and accountability. This promotes creative development of the best possible learning opportunities in response to need, ensuring a consistent teaching and learning that delivers high quality education.

Policy and Practice underpin all Teaching and Learning based on Philosophy, Principles, Practice and Performance.

The Trust’s Leadership Structure provides opportunities through which teams / individuals develop their practice with impact evidence underpinning their pedagogical growth. Kingfisher Learning Trust expects all teaching to be good or better. If a teacher experiences difficulties, support and guidance provided through the appraisal process improves teacher performance.

The Trust’s Accountability Frameworks ensure a responsibility ethos through open scrutiny and clarity of roles and expectations.  Kingfisher is a place of learning for children and staff, having a clearly defined vision and agreed values, enabling work to be underpinned by a shared ethos of learning.

We offer:

  • A clear Trust Strategy for Educational Excellence across the Trust with the purpose of ensuring a high-quality education for all – regardless of the setting
  • The Freedom for each school to design and implement an appropriate and ambitious curriculum that is unique to them, ensuring that children are ready for the next stage of their education and adult lives
  • A continuum of provision where all children can access their learning in the Trust’s all-inclusive school system, underpinned by excellent research-based practice
  • A Trust Improvement Strategy that continually helps schools to develop their educational offer with:
    • a Collaborative Improvement Model – drawing and sharing expertise from across all Trust schools
    • an outward looking culture to enable schools to engage with education systems beyond the Trust
    • two School Improvement Directors – Mainstream and Special
  • Quality Assurance systems that support each school in verifying their self-evaluation.