What We Offer

As Kingfisher Learning Trust grows, we would be able to further enhance practice across a group of like-minded schools including Kingfisher Special School, basing provision on research that evidences proven high quality approaches that improve teaching, learning and outcomes for all children.

Basing practice on the experience and learning of Kingfisher and joining schools, could help improve the performance of all the Academies within the Trust and this could be secured through robust policy, process and practice, with clear accountability frameworks and skilled leadership.

The benefits of a the Trust working across a range of types of organisations wouold ensure that children in a variety of settings can have the best quality provision from a shared learning culture, ensuring that no Academy is left behind.  Governors and leaders would be able to come together and take responsibility to provide better education in their community, rather than just in their individual schools, supported by a common ethos.

Growing Kingfisher Learning Trust would allow greater opportunities for cross-phase collaboration not only with regards to the sharing of expertise but also in terms of the business of managing an Academy by achieving best value through economy of scale with eg, procurement of goods and services. The strength of building teams that have finance, HR, IT and Facilities Management expertise means that more teachers and leaders can focus on what they do best; great teaching.

The benefits of scale are clear. Kingfisher Learning Trust would be better able to maximise the scope for efficiencies and economies of scale by planning and putting into place efficient workforce structures, as well as driving savings in back-office costs and procurement – ensuring every pound works as hard as possible in improving outcomes for pupils.