What We Offer

Kingfisher Learning Trust offers a continuum of provision across Trust schools, which is a beacon of inclusive practice with mainstream and special schools for a range of learners, where excellent research-based engaging practice is shared by highly effective staff. This is a comprehensive model of an all-inclusive school system, demonstrating how we can get it right for all children.

Innovative, ambitious and appropriate curriculums ensure all children are challenged regardless of their starting points and parents, alongside their community, can see the benefits of this model. When communities and schools embrace the true meaning of inclusion, they become better able to change a society and world intolerant and fearful of difference into one that embraces and celebrates natural diversity, with meaningful, child-centred learning, where each individual is valued and belongs.

Children are valued as individuals (regardless of gender, race, disability) – developing their strengths and addressing any past negative experiences. Wellbeing and the development of basic skills through early intervention strategies give children the greatest life-chances. Having had a positive experience in their formative years and being given the tools to help them overcome any barriers to learning, children are enabled to be included into society as confident, self-assured citizens with belief in themselves.

Diversity is valued and the unique contributions each child brings to the classroom, with every child feeling safe and having a sense of belonging. Trust schools prioritise developing self-esteem and confidence and children are helped to cultivate a positive self-image, enabling them to attain their potential.

The Trust recognises that emotional health and mental wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility and this is embedded within the culture and ethos of each school.  A wealth of strategies and interventions are available to enhance everyone’s social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

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