Strong Leadership

Members, Trustees and Governors

Members, Trustees and Governors are chosen on the basis of their local/philanthropic service and knowledge of the world of education; with a mix of public and private sector. They are recruited through local information regarding professional knowledge and relevant expertise, resulting in the engagement of personnel with a range of skills, knowledge and ability. Development opportunities are planned to ensure that all those involved understand their roles and responsibilities, planned in accordance with need and the relevant expertise drawn upon from external sources to ensure training is of the highest quality.


Members are custodians of the Trust and are appointed on the basis of experience and community contribution; they take a hands-off role in the management of the Kingfisher Learning Trust yet take an active interest in the life of the school. In consequence of any shortfall in the performance of the Trustees, members are ideally placed to intervene and rectify, with responsibility for the appointment and removal of Trustees.

The Members sign a Membership Agreement to uphold the ethos of the Trust. They have access to the Trust schools and meet formally at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where they meet with the Trustees and directors. They make informational visits to the schools and read and assimilate minutes of Trust Board Meetings.

In simple terms, the Members “own” the Academy Trust. They have a number of statutory rights, including the right to remove Trustees, the right to amend the Articles and the right to receive the annual accounts. They also have the right to appoint up to five Trustees under the Articles.


There are seven highly-skilled Trustees with a cross-section of knowledge which includes:

  • Education
  • Law
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Quality Management and Organisational Behaviour
  • Local Service and Knowledge

Trustees have strategic oversight of the Trust, setting vision and policy for the Trust and delegating responsibilities to the Local Governing Bodies as agreed with each Academy.

The Trustees have a number of duties and responsibilities:

  • Vision, Ethos and Accountability
  • Good Financial Management
  • Standards


The Trust’s Local Governing Bodies (LGB) have oversight of the day-to-day running of the Academies, carrying the Trust’s vision, policies and priorities forward, holding Academy Leadership to account, with each Governor being linked to an area of the Accountability Framework below. The Governing Body meets each term to scrutinise the delegated responsibilities within the Accountability Framework:

Educational Excellence

  • Improving the Quality of Teaching (Pedagogy)
  • Standards in Pupils’ Achievement
  • Curriculum Development
  • EYFS

Leadership and Management

  • Organisation (whole school)
  • Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare
  • Community Partnerships
  • Operational Support


Leadership development remains at the heart of Kingfisher and the structure provides opportunities to ensure quality and growth for succession and different ways of working.

In terms of Middle Leadership and lines for succession planning, the Trust is developing the role of Lead Practitioner. The aim of this role is to provide a specific structure of support, leadership guidance/coaching or enquiry project opportunities on which teams and individuals can develop their practice and have evidence-based research that underpins their pedagogical growth. We are working to ensure that we have a shared understanding and expectations of this evolving leadership role and what this needs to look like in practice.

The Director of Pedagogy role was created to enable this to be planned for strategically and implemented with the team of Lead Practitioners to help staff in their development, transferring knowledge fluidly across the whole school encouraging creativity, innovation and doing things differently to meet children’s needs.

The Director of Pedagogy and Lead Practitioners have been supported to develop their skills, specifically in facilitation and coaching so that they are better able to support colleagues in improving their practice and to develop shared protocols and agreed ways of working in these new roles. This is a key factor in ensuring effective support and helping models for improving professional practice across the Trust.

Vision for Growing Kingfisher Learning Trust

Kingfisher Learning Trust plans to grow wisely ensuring continuing high quality.

Kingfisher Learning Trust is a values-led organisation and the agreed mission and values of the Trust clear in demonstrating integrity – which we hope will attract schools with a similar culture. As such, Kingfisher Learning Trust is not an expansionist Trust but one built upon meaningful and respectful relationships with high aspirations for all of the children within each Academy. To this end, the Trust aims to grow in three ways: the new Free School – Halcyon Way; secondly with mainstream Primary Schools, initially from across Oldham – reaching out to enhance practice and inclusive provision and thirdly, welcoming Special Schools from beyond Oldham to further develop and enrich specialist provision. The Trust does not intend to limit its vision but ensure that growth is not too rapid and that the necessary capacity, personnel and processes are in place to support the growth. Academies within Kingfisher Learning Trust would need to be in easy reach, with a shared sense of community, ethos and values.